Chef Next Door
Introducing the latest Season of Chef Jonas Ng's delicious culinary delights He shows insider tricks of the culinary trade, recreating restaurant quality output at home. Just like real kitchen scenarios, he tackles the daily realities of space, time and budget with relevant and clever hacks that you can apply at home. (English Language)
Cast & Characters

1. Episode 1

(ENTERTAINING WITH CONVENIENCE STORE HACKS) Chef Jonas has just moved into his new pad and his restaurateur/chef friends Mayone and Francis drop by, except our hero only has the convenience store available to entertain them! Full on #chefhacks needed here. You'd be surprised what one can come up with given the limited resources at one's disposal.

2. Episode 2

(ROMANTIC DINNER) The Girl of Chef Jonas' dreams finally agrees to a dinner date, except the traffic caused them to cancel their reservation. No worries! Jonas knows how to turn his urban pad into a romantic fine dining dinner worth remembering!

3. Episode 3

(COOKING AS A COUPLE) Not everyone is alone line Chef Jonas here. His friends just moved in together and he plans to teach them how to cook as a couple with simple, relationship worthy techniques to bond in the kitchen!

4. Episode 4

(TAPAS COCKTAILS) Chef Jonas has a cocktail reunion to attend with his buddy and classmate Marco. This time, the theme is tapas. So Marco and Jonas get to working up some awesome tapas using their backgrounds in spanish cuisine!

5. Episode 5

(COOKING TO IMPRESS A VEGETARIAN INVESTOR) Chef Jonas aims to impress a foreign investor. Only thing is, he doesn't eat meat. No problem at all. Just because there's no meat in the food doesn't mean it can't be packed with flavor!

6. Episode 6

(BOYS NIGHT IN) Chef Jonas' high school friends have a tendency to drop by his pad to hang out expecting good grub to go with their adult beverages. Pub grub in the house coming up! Chef Jonas shows us what to cook when there's a drinking session upcoming.

7. Episode 7

(MIDEASON SPECIAL) Jonas is being interviewed and followed around by a “documentary” crew. The mockumentary is a pseudo-dramatic feature on Jonas’ career and the beginnings of CND, obviously skewed in favor of, and financed by, Jonas himself.

8. Episode 8

(HEALTHY EPISODE) Chef Jonas is joined by two of his chef friends as they give him tips on how to cook when one is aiming for a change to a healthier lifestyle, whether it's because one wants to, or one has to.

9. Episode 9

Episode 9

10. Episode 10

Episode 10
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