Chef Next Door

Introducing the latest Season of Chef Jonas Ng's delicious culinary delights He shows insider tricks of the culinary trade, recreating restaurant quality output at home. Just like real kitchen scenarios, he tackles the daily realities of space, time and budget with relevant and clever hacks that you can apply at home. (English Language)

Get married

MAEMUNAH , BENI, GUNTORO, and EMAN are best friends. They were born on the same day, same place and at the same hour. They all live and grow up in the same neighborhood, they attend the same school and having the same desires to succeed. Their friendship is colored with various problems and conflicts whether within themselves or their families which are common for kids their age. The biggest issues arise when their parents start to do matchmaking for them. (Indonesian Language)

Heart (Young Love)

The series follows the story of Farel who has been in love with Rachel since they were young but Rachel is unable to reciprocate due to the trauma of her unhappy family life. Farel eventually meets Luna and the couple finds love that can't be fulfilled so Rachel makes the ultimate sacrifice so Farel can finally find the happiness that has eluded him till now. (Indonesian Language)

Kafir/Kufur (Myths, Magic)

This TV series is the prequel of the movie Kafir. In the movie, Kuntetdilaga is depicted as a witch doctor who practiced black magic passed down by Mbah Gulung. The TV series explain the origin of Kuntetdilaga and how he came to be a black magic practitioner. Will Mbah Gulung be able to succeed? How can Sabri/ Kuntetdilaga accept the fact that he is the son of a powerful but infidel witch while he is brought up in a religious family? (Indonesian Language)

Me Vs High Heels

Sasha is a easy-going girl who likes to be known as a basketball loving tomboy. Her past experience showed that being sweet and feminine will only get her into trouble . Everything changes, however, when she meets Arnold, a good looking and mysterious guy who accidentally enters her life. With the help of her best friend, Lola, Sasha changes her appearance and start using make-up, wearing dresses, attending yoga and gym classes, joining the cheerleaders, learning to cook, and even wearing high heels which she actually hates, all because of Arnold who likes feminine girl. Sasha works hard to be the girl she thinks Arnold likes but she finds out that he's not really what she expected him to be.

Monyet Cantik (Pretty Monkey)

“It’s easy to look pretty outside, but it’s very hard to have beauty inside”. PRETTY MONKEY is a story about a rich but arrogant young girl. Lisa. She has a mean streak to make up for her lonely family life. A magical spell turns pretty Lisa's into a monkey-like appearance and she has to change her ways to get back to her former self. (Indonesian Language)

The Boston (Drama,Food,Music)

Noah, Gretchen and Julia are three young friends struggling to work on their personal differences. They are revamping The Boston, a restaurant they co-own, which is on the verge of expansion. It's a flavorful story of tough love and true friendship while each take on challenges to fulfill their individual creative dreams. (English Language)

VIRGIN (Teen Life)

Ketie, Stella and Biyan, the cool girls in school, are best friends. At school they are known as happy teenagers enjoying their adolescence, but , in reality, they are just fragile teenagers. They created a petty, materialistic world together just to forget about their family problems.Their friendship is not always smooth; they fight and disagree, but they always get back together again. They make many wrong decisions not understood by the people around them. They are very adventurous without realizing the consequences. Each of them hold on to life in a different way. (Indonesian Language)