Young Delisa was living on the coast of Aceh with her family when the major tsunami on Dec 26, 2006 struck. The injured girl has to find the way to continue with her life after such tragedy. (Indonesian Language)

Kakak (Thriller)

Adi and Kirana, a childless couple, moves into a new house where Kirana befriends a friendly spirit named Kakak (Sister). When Kirana happily becomes pregnant, Kakak becomes jealous and starts to terrorize them but Adi is determined to protect his wife and baby. (Indonesian Language)


Jovial becomes a reluctant online star when, unknown to him, brother, Andovi, films and uploads Jovial's misadventures in YouTube. Jovial's girlfriend, Alexandra, and and a rival online sensation, Rocky, are not very happy either. (Indonesian Language)

Baja Bajuri The Movie

Bajuri, a simple pedicab driver, receives his inheritance from his father and his life turns upside-down,. An uncle disputes the inheritance, his mother-in-law demands gifts, his wife, Emak, thinks he's having an affair and a gang of thieves are planning to steal his money. (Indonesian Language)

Air & Api (Water & Fire)

Young firefighters, Radit, Dipo and Sisi show strong talent but are unable to performing well due to their individual personal issues. A major hostage situation in a burning building is causing major unraveling of the team that senior firemen, Gito and Rojak, have to get the promising young people to work together immediately. (Indonesian Language)


Jamroni is an outcast in his small town, at the base of Mt. Merapi in Jogjakarta, due to the circumstances of his life. Despite trying to help others, trouble constantly finds him. Since childhood, Jamroni had his heart set on taking care of his childhood love Sari only to have her torn away from him when her family moves to Jakarta. His hard life, at home and the village, forced him to adapt by becoming a strong person. After the death of his father Tohari, Jamroni sets out to find out who he truly is and search for Sari in Jakarta. Trouble continues to find him at every corner never giving him time to truly rest. It doesn't help that Jamroni inadvertently disrupts a long standing "business deal" involving a rising force led by Amsar and an established group led by Hastomo.